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Cowtown Model Railroad

The Gulf & Denver Railroad Authority is a freelance standard gauge HO-scale railroad of the Cowtown Model Railroad Club. The layout is the reincarnation of the former General Dynamics/Lockheed Model Railroad Club layout. The room is approximately 50’ x 30’. The layout runs along the walls with the exception of a 3 foot aisle on the side with the HVAC units. There is a center section with backdrop dividing the sides and a large dog-bone section coming off the center peninsula. The layout structure wise is set in the transition era but clearances have been set for modern height cars. The layout has a walk around design using the Easy DCC (digital command and control). The track is mostly Atlas code 100 with Peco turnouts powered by Tortoise switch machines controlled from localized cith/town panels. Track work is 100% complete while the scenery and backdrops are 50% complete. Operating sessions are controlled by the RailOp computer based software.

Bob Bray
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